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    I reckon we go with one of those cookie cutter personal website templates that looks like all the others. Throw in words like experienced, facilitator, advisor, strategic, big picture, innovation, ex-CEO and CTO. You know the drill. Might as well add passionate, engaging and public speaker too and a few testimonials. That should do it.  


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  • But seriously...

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    Hi, I'm Brett, this is a templated website and I have no idea whose photo that is above but I've made a note to get mine redone.


    I started my career as an Avionics Engineer with Air New Zealand and since then I've held senior leadership roles at Microsoft, co-founded digital strategy consultancy BusinessIQ, been CEO of Cucumber Digital, a Business Innovation Advisor at Callaghan Innovation, Associate Director of Digital Experience at Datacom, Community Director for the kiwiSaaS initiative and Managing Director of Voluntas Ventures. Oh, and I'm also co-owner and Managing Director of CREATIVE CAM, a mid-sized CNC manufacturing business.


    Clearly I'm not the guy to talk to about structured career pathways but when it comes to growing your business, strategy, innovation, facilitation or keynote presentations I just might be.


    As part of that non-linear journey I've had the opportunity to learn a lot about people, business, technology and me...


    If you're into Clifton Strengths, my Top 5 are: Strategic, Ideation, Relator, Futuristic and Positivity which might explain my knack for spotting new opportunities, solving tricky problems, seeing the big picture and spotting trends, connections and patterns early on. It's also helped me build a reputation as both a left-field and strategic thinker and a facilitator who brings everybody along for the ride with empathy, positivity and humour.


    And along the way I've learned the art of synthesising complex concepts into audience-appropriate language which I've applied to helping companies with their PR, marketing and pitch decks and to my own benefit as a public speaker.


    If any of the above sounds of interest please get in touch for a chat to see where I might be able to help.

  • Strategy

    I am regularly surprised at how often companies of all shapes and sizes seem to confuse strategy with planning or goal-setting. A robust and effective strategy can be built in the space of a workshop or two and then serve as the foundation on which future decision-making is based at all levels within the organisation. In my experience company leaders almost always possess the insight required to formulate good strategy. Where they tend to struggle is with frameworks, workshop structure and facilitation and that's exactly where I can help.


    Innovation is hard and kiwi companies struggle with it. There are a myriad of underlying reasons but two of the most common are a lack of understanding of the broader principles of innovation and broken or non-existent product development systems and structures. Together they're a challenging combination. After spending 5 years with Callaghan Innovation and also working with a large number of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies (whose success tends to hinge on their ability to innovate and get new products and features to market quickly and efficiently) I've had a close-up view of what works and what doesn't and can help your organisation do a lot more of the former and avoid the latter. And not just for SaaS companies.


    When it comes to things like strategy and innovation I am a firm believer in keeping it all in-house (i.e. no consultants) and the reason is simple. Nobody understands your company, its people and customers like you do. Nobody. The same applies to things like business planning and product development but the business leaders involved almost always find it difficult to fully participate in the process whilst simultaneously running it. That's why I recommend that they engage somebody to do that part for them. Me !

  • Speaking

    The first presentation I delivered to a large audience was at a Microsoft event at the then Sheraton Hotel on Symonds Street in Auckland. It was on Thursday, February 19th, 1998 and the reason I know that is because that was the first day a major cable fault plunged most of Auckland's CBD (including the room I was presenting in) into darkness. So I organised candles, gathered everybody around my laptop screen, crossed my fingers that the battery would last and the show went on.


    Since then I guesstimate I've given over 500 business presentations, keynotes and leadership team briefings. I also regularly present to participants of the ICEHOUSE Owner Manager Program and other leadership development programs.


    I've figured out that I've figured out how to make the story of technology and its impact on business, society and our future relevant and engaging for thousands of people over the years and I'm pretty sure I could do the same for your company or conference too. Please get in touch if you'd like to know more.

  • Kind words from real people...

    Almost 90% of contents not derived from family

    "Brett is a visionary technologist who has a knack for people and getting things done."


    "That was the best presentation I have seen in my entire life."


    "Thanks dad, you're awesome"


    "I was impressed with his depth of technology knowledge and his ability to translate it to business imperatives of the day. His speaking style was relaxed and entertaining. I would recommend Brett for work around technology and business strategy."


    "What Brett doesn't know about technology, including tricky subject areas, isn't worth knowing. He could be an expert on relationship management, and is always insightful, clever, funny, caring, strategic - often all in the same sentence or interaction!"
    "Brett's strength is his character and willingness to innovate coupled with rock solid integrity, you can and should trust this man, his advice and his motivations."


    "I have been in a lot of strategy sessions in my career and that was by far and away the best."
    "I have worked alongside Brett both within Microsoft and in other roles where he has been in an advisory role. He is without doubt one of the sharpest thinkers I have worked with. He has a very good business brain, and often comes at a problem from a different angle to others."



    He's smarter and more professional than this website might have you think. No, really.